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Mud Lake

Mud Lake is a town, a wildlife management area, and a lake in eastern Idaho. The lake is fairly large, shallow, muddy, and full of bugs and birds. It is a place I visit frequently to look at birds and to make photographs. Here are a few recent photographs from a couple of excursions.


Mud Lake(from West Dike), ID 2015

Midge Swarm at Mud Lake, ID 2015

Western Grebe Pair, Mud Lake, ID 2015

Magpie Nest, Mud Lake, ID 2015

Camas Creek at Mud Lake, ID 2015


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Handmade Signs

A couple of signs I discovered while wandering around:

Country Dancing (made with plastic cups), Chester, ID 2013

Did You Forget Something, Mud Lake, ID 2013

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Solar Eclipse Landscape – Mud Lake, ID

Along with making quite a few digital snap shots of the solar eclipse on Sunday. I also photographed a landscape containing the solar eclipse using 4×5 black-and-white film. Film handled the contrast remarkably well. Digital would have failed miserably.

Mud Lake, ID with Solar Eclipse 2012

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Mud Lake – Frozen

On Saturday I drove out to Mud Lake to look for birds (pretty quiet) and make some photographs. Mud Lake is completely frozen, which is no surprise. There is also no snow at all on the ice, which is pretty cool. I walked around on the lake for a bit and made some pretty fun abstract compositions.

Abstract Compositions, Mud Lake, ID 2012

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Snow Geese and Catfish and Pisces

I drove out to Mud Lake and Market Lake today in search of spring arrivals. Spring is by far my favorite time of year, but it is so slow to arrive in these parts. It’s slowly starting though. Snow Geese have arrived in force (I saw tens of thousands), Sandhill Cranes, Mountain Bluebirds, and Ducks of all species are here, and Red-winged Blackbirds are vigorously defending territories.

Anyway, it was a great morning. I found a lot of fun birds and photographed a few dead catfish.

Snow Geese, Mud Lake, ID 2011

Five Dead Catfish, Market Lake, ID 2011

Two Catfish (Pisces), Market Lake, ID 2011

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Mud Lake Snow Geese

Every Spring Snow Geese (and a few Ross’s Geese) stage at Mud Lake and surrounding marshes and fields. I made it out there last night to see the spectacle. I found around 3000 Geese out on the lake. After I was there for a bit all of the geese left the lake, flew directly over my head and landed to feed in a field a few hundred yards to the north of me. It was pretty cool. Pretty soon the geese will head north to the arctic to nest.

Cottonwood and Lake, Mud Lake, ID 2010

Snow Geese (the smaller ones in the first and second photo are Ross’s Geese) Flying Overhead, Mud Lake, ID 2010

Snow Geese Feeding in Field, Mud Lake, ID 2010

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