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Grand Isle, Louisiana

Grand Isle, Louisiana is a small island in SE Louisiana. It is primarily a fishing destination. It is also a place where locals own or rent vacation homes. It is one of the few accessible beaches in Louisiana. It is also an excellent birding destination. Grand Isle combines open ocean, sandy beaches, marsh, and coastal woodlots. This mix of habitats attracts a large number of birds to Grand Isle, particularly during spring and fall migration. Below are a few photographs made of the beach and woods on the island.

Rain Puddle (during a rainstorm) Sureway Woods, Grand Isle, LA 2015

Live Oaks and Rain Puddle, Grand Isle, LA 2015

Live Oak (detail), Grand Isle, LA 2015

Gulf of Mexico from Grand Isle, LA 2015

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Peveto Woods Sanctuary

Peveto Woods is a small bird sanctuary located in SW Louisiana in Cameron Parish. It is a chenier (slightly elevated oak woods on the gulf coast) forest. When conditions are favorable (north winds, rain etc.) migrant songbirds crossing the Gulf of Mexico will land in the first trees they see. This small group of trees can be teeming with migrants during an event birders call a fallout, or (like on the day we visited) they can be essentially vacant of birds. Either way, these coastal woodlots are an important habitat and there are few accessible chenier woods left that birders can enjoy. Many have been developed, are in the hands of private landowners, or are inaccessible due to their location (surrounded by impenetrable marsh). Places like Peveto Woods, High Island (Texas), and Dauphin Island (Alabama) are critical to the survival of migratory songbirds and are national treasures.

Sunrise at Little Florida Beach, Cameron Parish, LA 2015

Mostly Dead Live Oaks, Peveto Woods, LA 2015

Backlit Oaks at Sunrise, Peveto Woods, LA 2015

Peveto Woods, LA 2015

Live Oak (vertical), Peveto Woods, LA 2015

Live Oak (horizontal), Peveto Woods, LA 2015

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Dauphin Island, Alabama/Mississippi Coast

I took the opportunity to attend the Society for Photographic Education (SPE) national conference, which was held in New Orleans, last week. It was a great conference and it provided me an opportunity to travel back to Louisiana, where Susan and I lived for four years. I spent a couple of days before and after the conference making landscape photographs at birding locations (perhaps a new long term project) along the gulf coast. This first set of images was from Dauphin Island, Alabama and various locations along the Mississippi Coast.

Water Tower, Dauphin Island, AL 2015

Sunrise through Fog, Dauphin Island Beach, AL 2015

Palmetto Understory, Goat Trees Sanctuary, Dauphin Island, AL 2015

Live Oak, Goat Trees Sanctuary, Dauphin Island, AL 2015

Live Oak Branches in Fog (color), Shell Mounds Park, Dauphin Island, AL 2015

Live Oak Branches in Fog (black-and-white), Shell Mounds Park, Dauphin Island, AL 2015

Pond in Fog, Dauphin Island, AL 2015

Birds (Skimmers, Sandpipers, Gulls, Etc.) at St. Louis Bay, MS 2015


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