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Grandpa Bartholomew Funeral

A couple weeks ago we went down to Fayette, UT for the funeral of Susan’s Grandpa Bartholomew. I have to say after fifteen years or so of going down there, Fayette is finally growing on me. Here are a couple photographs from the weekend.

Grandpa Bartholomew Home Interior #1, Fayette, UT 2010

Grandpa Bartholomew Home Interior #2, Fayette, UT 2010

Birdbath in Grandpa Bartholomew, Fayette UT 2010

Plastic Flowers in the Fayette Cemetery, Fayette, UT 2010

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Two Fayette Landsapes

Susan grew up in Fayette, a really small town (apparently the smallest incorporated town in Utah). It is about two hours south of Salt Lake City, in Sanpete County. It’s a fun place to visit, although it is a bit isolated and quiet. Anyway, here are a couple of photographs I made in the surrounding landscape while we were there for the funeral last week.

Magpie Nest in Cottonwood Tree, Fayette, UT 2010

Sevier River, Fayette, UT 2010

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Grandma Bartholomew Funeral

Susan’s Grandmother passed away last week. We all went down to Fayette to attend the funeral, which was held on Monday. It was a really nice service and it was fun to be with all of Susan’s extended family. I’m glad we were able to go down a couple of weeks ago to see her.

Name Plate

Fayette Cemetery

Casket with Flowers

Susan’s Grandfather (bottom row 2nd from left), my Father-in-law Keith (upper left), and Keith’s Siblings.

Funeral Services for Kathleen Bartholomew, Fayette Cemetery, Fayette, UT 2010

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Red-winged Blackbird

Red-winged Blackbird, Fayette, UT 2010

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Birthday Weekend in Utah

We went down to Utah this weekend for a couple of reasons. Reason one – it was my 40th birthday and I thought it would be nice to celebrate with family. Reason two – Susan’s grandmother isn’t doing very well and we thought it would be nice to see her before she gets worse.

So, we spent Friday night at my parent’s house in West Jordan. We went out to dinner and then came back to celebrate with cake and ice cream. My mom made my pound cake (my favorite cake). We had a nice visit and my sister gave me clever presents and even wrote me a story, all of which dealt with getting old.

Saturday morning we went down to Fayette (Susan’s hometown). I’m glad we got to see Susan’s grandmother, she was in good spirits, but we’re not sure how much longer she has. A couple of Susan’s sisters also came down, so Grandma Bartholomew got to see a few of her grand children and great-grand children. It was neat. We then came back up to West Jordan, had a nice visit and dinner with my brother and his wife. Did a little shopping at Cabela’s (I got a sweet waterproof day pack). Spent the night at my parents house Saturday night. We then got up, went to church, had a nice dinner with my folks and drove home.

It was quite a whirlwind trip, but it was great to be around so much family.

Pound Cake with Candles and Sparklers

My Sister Carrie

Jacob visiting with his Great Grandmother Bartholomew

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