Birding Landscapes – Cape May, NJ

Cape May, New Jersey is among the most productive and celebrated birding destinations in North America. The combination of geography, weather, bird populations, and location combine to provide prime birding. The spectacle of migration, particularly in fall, can be hard to beat. I visited and photographed several destinations in Cape May including: Higbee Dike, Higbee Fields, The Hawk Watch platform at Cape May Point State Park, and the Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge.

9O8A8431-PanoBirders at Higbee Dike, Cape May, NJ 2015 

Higbee Fields, Cape May, NJ 2015

Woods and Ocean near Higbee Beach, Cape May, NJ 2015

Forest Interior, Higbee Beach, Cape May, NJ 2015

Sunrise at Sunset Beach, Cape May, NJ 2015

View from the Hawk Watch Platform, Cape May Point State Park, Cape May, NJ 2015


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