Birding Landscapes – Antelope Island

I’ve slowly started a new project. I’m photographing birding destinations in North America. I’m using ebird, the American Birding Association’s birding page, and various other resources to locate areas that are important to birds and birding. When visiting the destinations, I’m trying to photograph characteristic views of the places. I anticipate the project to take several years to complete. So far I’ve made a few photographs in Idaho, Utah, along the gulf coast, and along the Oregon coast. I have plans to visit Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania this month.

I’m not yet sure yet what the images will ultimately be about. They will all obviously have the common theme of birding, but I’m hopeful there will be other associations. How will the work be viewed by non-birders? Some of the places are spectacular, some of the places are very ordinary, and some are an eyesore. I’m interested to see how it will all come together. Stay tuned.

I’ve got a web gallery under construction that can be viewed here: It requires a password to view right now, which is: Birding

Anyway, here are a few efforts from a visit to Antelope Island, Utah I made over the weekend.

Antelope Island Causeway, UT 2015

Mud Flat with American Avocets, Antelope Island, UT 2015 

Great Salt Lake with Phalaropes and Waterfowl, Antelope Island, UT 2015

Mule Deer Statue, Antelope Island, UT 2015

Along the Causeway, Antelope Island, UT 2015



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