July, 2014

Sagebrush and Sky (along Highway 33)

Last Summer I made a lot of sagebrush and sky photographs. I’m still making a few of them. Here is one from the other evening.

Sagebrush and Sky, along Highway 33 west of Rexburg, ID 2014

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Fun Farm Bridge on the Henry’s Fork near Chester

I go to the fun farm area of the Henry’s Fork a lot. It’s great for fly-fishing, birding, and making photographs. It’s just a cool place. In the summer, I often see kids jumping off the bridge. I’ve often thought I should photograph it, but have always been too busy, distracted, shy or whatever to photograph it. The other night I made it a point to head up with the specific task of photographing bridge jumpers. I’m not sure which is my favorite, so I’m posting three of them here.




Fun Farm Bridge, with Jumpers, Chester, ID 2014

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