March, 2013

Potato Cellar and Henry’s Fork (a couple of my favorite subjects) in 4×5 film.

Willow in Henry’s Fork, St. Anthony, ID 2013
Potato Cellar with Tree and Barn, Idaho Falls, ID 2013

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Last of the Winter Landscapes for the year (I hope)

Spring is slowly arriving in the Upper Snake River Valley of Idaho. Snow is melting, birds are migrating, and the temperatures are hovering at or above freezing (even overnight sometimes). I’ve had a fun time photographing the minimal landscape this winter (it’s one of the only ways I have to cope with the misery). Here are a few photographs I made over the last couple of weeks. I hope I don’t have to make any more snowy photographs until November or so.

Broken Tree in Another Tree, Plano, ID 2013

Dirt Road with Falling Hoarfrost, Burton, ID 2013

Young Tree with Supports, Ashton, ID 2013

Willow in Fog and Snow, Rexburg, ID 2013

Trees with Power Pole and Sprinklers in Fog and Snow, Ashton, ID 2013

Landscape with Great Gray Owl, Plano, ID 2013

Roadkill Deer, with Magpie Tracks, Plano, ID 2013

Snowy Field at Dusk, Walker, ID 2013

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