February, 2013

Fog in Ashton

I used to despise winter. I would get anxious in the fall knowing that winter was coming soon. For some reason though, I’ve come to terms with it. The light is soft, the snow softens edges, and there are interesting birds to be found. One of my favorite winter locations is Ashton, ID. The few times I’ve been up there this winter, the fog has been pretty thick. Today was no exception.

I’m including a couple of images from today. I am a bit frustrated with the display of these really light images. The prints are a bit lovelier (take my word for it). Anyhow, I hope you enjoy.

Caldera in the Fog and Snow, from Ashton, ID 2013

Power Lines and Power Pole in Snow and Fog, Ashton, ID 2013

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Foggy Winter Scenes

When I woke up to thick fog I knew I had to get out and photograph. I did have quite bit to do at work though. I went out for a couple of hours this morning and had a good time making photographs near Sugar City and Teton. I then headed back to work and got most of my work done. I then drove out towards Ashton in the evening and continued. What a beautiful day. Here are a couple images:

Branches and Windbreak in Fog, Sugar City, ID 2013

Old Willow in Fog, Rexburg, ID 2013

Four Young Trees in Fog, Ashton, ID 2013


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Fun Farm Ice Dam

So, it’s been a pretty cold winter and much of the lower Henry’s Fork has been iced over. It’s been a bit warmer lately and the river was really breaking up this morning. The chunks of ice were forming a pretty nice ice dam near Fun Farm Bridge. Here’s the view looking downstream.

Ice Dam on the Henry’s Fork at Fun Farm Bridge, ID 2013

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