November, 2012


In his essay In the American West is Hope Possible? Robert Adams writes: “There are so many events that used to bring pleasure and don’t any longer. Encountering animals for example. I remember the joy I knew the first time I saw a cougar, and later the same summer, a marten. And the satisfaction I felt when I realized I was with deer, in rimrock on sunny pines or in a canyon at daybreak. Now if I see deer, as I occasionally do along the Platte, it saddens me. Where are the wretched things to go? – in all directions there are highways, and the risk of attracting guard dogs.”

I felt much the same when visiting my parents this weekend. They live in the southwestern edge of the Salt Lake City valley. I took a drive west of their place and discovered deer in several places in marginal habitat. I also saw several dead deer on the side of the road. It’s neat to see them until you realize the wretched things have no place to go. Anyway, here are a couple of photographs.

Mule Deer near Trans Jordan Landfill, West Jordan, UT 2012

Deer Feeding at Dusk, West Jordan, UT 2012

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New Snow / Winter Drive

We had a small little snow storm last night. After I finished taking care of some things on campus this morning I took a drive out to the Walker area, my favorite winter drive. I had a good time, enjoyed the light, and found some cool birds (including around 200 Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches).


New Snow in Field, Rexburg, ID 2012

Snow-covered Tree, Herbert, ID 2012

Snow-covered Tree, Walker, ID 2012

Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch, Herbert, ID 2012

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