Fern Falls and Shadow Falls

I was fortunate enough to travel to Northern Idaho this week to do a little photographing and birding. I had heard about a couple of beautiful waterfalls in Shoshone County that happened to have Black Swifts nesting behind them. I finally managed to get up and photograph. They are a beautiful little set of falls. Also, this is the only (I think) known nesting location for the Black Swift in Idaho. Black Swift became my 600th life bird and my 364th species in Idaho. While we were up there, I also managed to get a Gambel’s Quail (Idaho bird species 363) and Boreal Chickadee (Idaho bird species 365) Anyway, here are some photographs of the falls and a couple of Black Swift photographs.

Fern Falls, Shoshone County, ID 2012

Shadow Falls, Shoshone County, ID 2012

Black Swift #1, Shadow Falls, ID 2012

Black Swift #2, Shadow Falls, ID 2012

To read more about Black Swifts visit this link:  http://blog.aba.org/2012/03/black-swift-wintering.html

To read more about Shadow and Fern Falls visit this link


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  1. Love the photos and that you are a bird nerd. Sounds like summer is treating you well!

  2. These are wonderful. Nice wallpaper for iphone!