February, 2012

Snowy Foggy Morning (hard to come by this winter)

We got a nice little snow storm last night (maybe 3″). It’s not much, but this has been a mild winter, so we’ll take it. As it started to warm up this morning, it also started to get foggy. I ran out for a couple of hours this morning and made a few photographs. It was really a beautiful morning.

Subaru on Snowy Road, Rexburg, ID 2012

Birch, Beaver Dick Park, 2012

Birches, Beaver Dick Park, ID 2012

Clearing Fog on the Henry’s Fork, Beaver Dick Park, ID 2012

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Henry’s Fork Foundation 2011 Annual Report

The Henry’s Fork Foundation approached me about using some images for their annual report. They published the report today and I’m really happy with the design and the use of the images. Here’s a screen shot of the front page. The report can be accessed here – http://www.henrysfork.org/annual-reports

Henry’s Fork Annual Report. Image – Harriman State Park, 2011

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Salted Paper Prints – Henry’s Fork

I’m teaching a few historical processes to a few students in an independent study situation this semester. Yesterday I demonstrated Salted Paper Prints. For you non-photo history types salted paper prints are among the earliest of the processes. Basically you paint salt water on paper, dry it, then paint silver nitrate on top of the dried salt water and you have a light sensitive piece of paper. You place a negative on top of the sensitized paper, expose it to UV light, and you end up with an image. Anyway, I haven’t been happy with many of my results in salted paper thus far, but I made a couple of tweeks to my negatives and am pretty happy how the demo prints turned out. Here are some scans.

Angler’s Lodge, Last Chance, ID 2010 (negative), 2012 salted paper print

Bear Gulch Overlook 2010 (negative), 2012 salted paper print

By the way, scanning some of these historical processes does seem to flatten out shadow detail, nevertheless I think you get an idea of the quality of the prints.

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Art 125

I’m taking/sitting in on a class this semester. The class is called Art 125 – Computer Art. I know very little (nothing really) about Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign. I’ve sort of wanted to learn a bit about those programs for a while. My hope is that I would be able to learn a bit about these programs by taking this class. It’s been a good experience and I’m learning quite a bit.

Here is an illustration I worked on this evening.

Tree Illustration 2012

The illustration was based on a photograph I posted to the blog a couple of weeks ago. Here it is –


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Magpie Nests – Market Lake

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