December, 2011

Fall 2011 Final Projects

There was some nice work created by some of my students this semester. I taught color photography and the history of photography. Here are some highlights:

Color Photography –

Lindsey Spencer

Tara Frieszell

Marcus Journey

Kwani Winder

Kelly Ruge

Jessica Baker

Becca Price

Amanda Hoffman

Matt Hodge

McKenna Holmes


History of Photography – Students could either do a research paper, or a project based on the history of photo. These are some sample project pieces

Image made from a homemade camera obscura (digital capture of image projected onto frosted paper)

Tiffany Galovich – Gum Print

Marcus Journey – “Lincoln Conspirator Portraits” toned cyanotypes

Kiersten Lundgreen – after Julia Margaret Cameron (Salted Paper Print)

Jen Olsen – Camera Obscura

Erica Rascon – after Nadar

Erica Gonzales – VanDyke Brown (after Lewis Carroll)


I also had a couple of independent study students who did some really nice work. One of my students taught himself wet plate collodion. Beautiful Work.

Blake Pack – Collodion Wet Plate – Bicycle Pictures

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Hard Sell Tacos

The Taco Bus really does have some of the best food in Rexburg (there’s not a lot of competition). They also often have some incredible signage. Enjoy.

Hard Sell Tacos, Rexburg, ID 2011

Two Taco Platter, Rexburg, ID 2011

Taco Bus, Rexburg, ID 2011


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