August, 2011

Mug of Root Beer on a Trailer

Frostop Drive-in, Ashton, ID 2011

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Chester Dam – New Construction

Chester Dam has been under construction for a while now. I’m kind of anxious to see it completed. I don’t know if it’s going to happen before my show hangs in October. Anyway, here are a couple of recent photographs from the site.

New Canal Structure, Chester Dam, ID 2011

Fish Passage Entry/Exit, Chester Dam, ID 2011

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Fun Farm Diptych

Fun Farm is one of my favorite places on the Henry’s Fork. It’s close, there are big fish, and it’s beautiful. It’s sort of hard to photograph though. Here is a photograph I made last winter paired with a photograph from this week. I like it best in the summer.

Fun Farm – Winter 2010 & Summer 2011, Chester, ID 2011

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Harriman State Park

One area of my Henry’s Fork project that I feel is lacking is images of the Railroad Ranch section of Harriman State Park. I’ve made a concerted effort over the last couple of weeks to get a couple of usable images of the area. It’s a hard landscape for me to photograph. It’s really open and there aren’t a lot of vantage points from which to shoot. Also, I should have gone earlier to get a few more fisherman using the area. Anyway, here are a couple images from my last effort. I think they work. Enjoy.

Henry’s Fork, Harriman State Park, ID 2011

Solitary Pine, Harriman State Park, ID 2011

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Film versions of Henry’s Fork – Ora Bridge

The other day I posted a couple of digital snaps of my excursion to the cliffs overlooking the Henry’s Fork at Ora Bridge –  original post. Here are scans from 4×5 negatives I made that same night (me likey film).

Henry’s Fork at Ora Boat Ramp, Ora, ID 2011

Ora Bridge, Ora, ID 2011

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Rapids (they probably have a name, but I haven’t figured it out yet) on the Henry’s Fork

This is a location I’ve been meaning to get to for a while now. Last year I tried to go there but fishermen on the river below alerted me to the presence of a bear on the trail, so I retreated. I went a few days later and right on the trail was a big steaming pile of processed bear food (berries and such). Today (almost a year later) I walked the trail (bear spray on my belt) and didn’t find any bear or signs of bear. I did get startled by a flushing Ruffed Grouse though.

I haven’t ever seen photographs of this beautiful little rapid. I’m not sure why. I shot quite a few sheets of film and made a couple digital panoramas before being chased out by a thunder storm. I’ll probably have to go again soon.

Rapids on the Henry’s Fork, near Mesa Falls, ID 2011

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Henry’s Fork – Ora Bridge

I got out this afternoon and shot a couple of views of the Henry’s Fork from the cliffs on the west side of the River across from Ora Bridge. I shot a few sheets of 4×5 and I’m looking forward to processing the film. In the meantime enjoy these digital snaps.

Henry’s Fork at Ora Boat Launch, Fremont County, ID 2011

Ora Bridge, Fremont County, ID 2011

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Cottonwood, Salem ID

Cottonwood Tree, Salem, ID 2011

Cottonwood Tree, Salem, ID 2011 (pretty heavily processed in Photoshop)

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Field Trip with Big Cameras

About a month or more ago, a few students in my historical processes class and I took a trip with some bigger cameras – 4×5, 5×7, 8×10, and 7×17 to St. Anthony. I usually don’t photograph in the middle of the day, but these two scenes (one of them an old favorite and the other a bit of a departure for me) caught my eye. I photographed both with 4×5.

The more I continue to shoot both digital and film, the more I’m convinced of the beauty of film. There is no way digital could have handled the contrast of these two scenes. The photograph of the two trains had like ten stops of information from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights. It would have been an ugly mess in digital. I could have done an HDR I guess and made an even bigger mess. Anyway, here are a couple of ordinary photographs of ordinary scenes in ordinary light (my favorite type of photography of late).

Grain Silo with Train, St. Anthony, ID 2011

Two Train Cars with Cottonwood Trees and Shadows, St. Anthony, ID 2011

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