April, 2011

Student Work Winter 2011

Believe it or not our winter semester is over. We start the spring term on the 19th of April. Anyway, my students made some really interesting work and so I’m going to share it. I taught Advanced Darkroom, Historical Processes, and Photo III (an independent project class). Here are some of the many highlights.

Kayla, Palladium Print

Glen, Silver Print from 4×5 Negative

Glen, Silver Print (enlarged photogram – translucent leaf placed in a negative carrier)

Amy, Toned Cyanotype

Blake, Gum Print with white pigment

Noemi, Cyanotype on Fabric

Blake, Three Color Gum over Palladium

Blake, Three Color Gum Print

Myra, Gum over Cyanotype

Kiersten, Salted Paper Print

Sarah, Vandyke Brown Print

Sarah, Multiple Exposure, Solarized Silver Print

Doug, Palladium Print

Shelley, Gum over Cyanotype

Scott, Palladium Print

J. R. Lumen Print of a Filleted Fish

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