March, 2011

Snow Geese and Catfish and Pisces

I drove out to Mud Lake and Market Lake today in search of spring arrivals. Spring is by far my favorite time of year, but it is so slow to arrive in these parts. It’s slowly starting though. Snow Geese have arrived in force (I saw tens of thousands), Sandhill Cranes, Mountain Bluebirds, and Ducks of all species are here, and Red-winged Blackbirds are vigorously defending territories.

Anyway, it was a great morning. I found a lot of fun birds and photographed a few dead catfish.

Snow Geese, Mud Lake, ID 2011

Five Dead Catfish, Market Lake, ID 2011

Two Catfish (Pisces), Market Lake, ID 2011

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Pronghorn Head

A couple of years ago I found a Deer Head hanging in somebody’s yard in St. Anthony. Today I found it’s companion piece, a Pronhorn Antelope Head hanging from a tree in Roberts.

Pronghorn Antelope Head, Roberts, ID 2011

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