Rubber Boa

Jon and I went fishing on Thursday along the south fork and had a great day. We caught several nice trout of three species and had  a good time catching up. On the shuttle drive at the end of the night I saw something snake-like lying on the road. I stopped to check it out and was thrilled to find a Rubber Boa, easily my favorite snake. I couldn’t help myself and I brought it home (we’re releasing it tomorrow). The kids love it (Susan sort of tolerates it). Here are some photos.

Rubber Boa, Rexburg, ID 2010

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  1. I can’t handle snakes. Much like Indiana Jones, they are my cryptonite.

  2. I don’t just sort of tolerate it. Just because I don’t want to hold it doesn’t mean I’m not glad the boys and you had a great time with Sheila.

  3. That takes me back to my childhood! I remember dad would let the rubber boa wrap around his thumb and he’s just sit and hold it. Fun!

  4. I really don’t like snakes.

  5. Mark and Rose, I know you don’t like snakes, but you may have liked this snake. She was so sweet and gentle.