Sheep Falls on the Henry’s Fork

There are two sheep falls in Eastern Idaho. One is on the Fall River, the other is on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake. One is really hard to drive to (fall river), the other is fairly easy to drive to (Henry’s Fork). They’re both pretty nice. Yesterday I took a drive to Sheep Falls on the Henry’s Fork. After driving the two mile dirt road, I parked and walked the trail from the canyon rim to the river. As I neared the bottom of the trail I could hear timber and brush being disturbed like something big was lumbering about. I hesitated and almost walked back up the trail. I wanted to photograph though. I started making noise and shouting “ho bear” and stuff. More than likely it was a bear or a moose. Either way I didn’t want to surprise a big animal in the woods. After a couple minutes of getting up my courage (I really need to start carrying bear spray) I continued walking to the river and had a pleasant evening photographing. I was a bit on edge most of the night though.

Photographed a few minutes before the sun dipped below the canyon rim

Same scene as previous image just after the sun had dipped below the canyon rim

Four photographs of Sheep Falls, ID 2010

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  1. i dig the second and the last.

  2. The last picture is my new favorite! Good Job