July, 2010

Fall River Diversion Dam, Chester, ID

Small Diversion Dam on the Fall River, Chester, ID 2010

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Sheep Falls on the Henry’s Fork

There are two sheep falls in Eastern Idaho. One is on the Fall River, the other is on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake. One is really hard to drive to (fall river), the other is fairly easy to drive to (Henry’s Fork). They’re both pretty nice. Yesterday I took a drive to Sheep Falls on the Henry’s Fork. After driving the two mile dirt road, I parked and walked the trail from the canyon rim to the river. As I neared the bottom of the trail I could hear timber and brush being disturbed like something big was lumbering about. I hesitated and almost walked back up the trail. I wanted to photograph though. I started making noise and shouting “ho bear” and stuff. More than likely it was a bear or a moose. Either way I didn’t want to surprise a big animal in the woods. After a couple minutes of getting up my courage (I really need to start carrying bear spray) I continued walking to the river and had a pleasant evening photographing. I was a bit on edge most of the night though.

Photographed a few minutes before the sun dipped below the canyon rim

Same scene as previous image just after the sun had dipped below the canyon rim

Four photographs of Sheep Falls, ID 2010

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Dilapidated Homestead, Ashton, ID 2010

I’ve passed this home many times on my way to and from places. My student Alex photographed an interior and it looked pretty interesting. I decided to go in yesterday. The place is pretty sketchy. I’m not sure it will be standing much longer.

Dilapidated Homestead Exterior, Ashton, ID 2010

Dilapidated Homestead Interior Views, Ashton, ID 2010

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Abandoned Home – Squirrel, ID

Brian, Larry, Alex, and I took a drive out in the Squirrel area to photograph an abandoned home that Alex told us about. Here are my results…

Abandoned Home Interiors, Squirrel, ID 2010

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Del Rio Bridge

I drove out here trying to get a good photograph of the huge Osprey nest that sits atop this bridge, but I need to come on a morning when there’s less traffic. I did manage to make this image of the bridge. It’s comprised of three merged vertical exposures. There was plenty of traffic to dodge, but I managed.

Del Rio Bridge, St. Anthony, ID 2010

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Ferruginous Hawk Nest

There was still a bit of smoke in the air from the fire this evening. I decided to drive out and see if there was anything to see. I didn’t really find any burnt sage, but I kind of ran out of time. Instead I decided to photograph a Ferruginous Hawk nest I’ve been aware of for a while. Ferruginous Hawks nest in Junipers and this is the only juniper of size for miles around, so they’ve taken advantage. They were finished nesting so I felt okay about getting close to the nest.

Ferruginous Hawk Nest, Hamer, ID 2010

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The Craziest Light Ever – and me stuck at three soccer games

We have all three boys in soccer this year. It gets a little crazy. Last night we had a game at 6, a game at 7, and a game at 8. To top it all off Susan is coaching Ethan’s team. Anyway, there was a fire west of town last night and it lit up the sky in a way I hadn’t seen before. The sky to the east was open and pretty bright still. While the sky to the west was blocking the sun, but light was still wrapping around and penetrating the smoke. It lit up really weird. The light was coming from weird directions and was a color I haven’t seen, especially three hours before sunset. I would have loved to be out photographing the landscape, but instead managed to take a few photographs during and between soccer games.

After Kevin’s Soccer Game, Rexburg, ID 2010

Our House between Soccer Games, Rexburg, ID 2010

Kevin and a couple of his good friends, Rexburg, ID 2010

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Quite a day of birding

My friend Steve and I decided to go to Curlew National Grasslands, which is in Idaho just north of Snowville, Utah. The area contains good juniper habitat and is one of the only places in the state to find Scott’s Orioles. It’s also a fairly reliable place for Blue Grosbeak and Bewick’s Wren.

I got up at 3:30 and drove down to Steve’s. We left his place at around 4:30, which put is in Curlew Grasslands sometime around 7. Our first stop was Grandine, an area with a pond and trees where I’ve seen Blue Grosbeaks in previous years. There were a lot of birds at this stop, but we couldn’t find a Grosbeak. After an hour or so of searching we both smelled skunk. We were just getting ready to walk out of the area in case a skunk was nearby when Steve yelled and jumped. I didn’t even look at what he was yelling at I just jumped and ran the other way. All of the sudden it smelled really strong of skunk. Steve took a pretty good hit. I think I avoided it for the most part. It was quite a way to spend the day. Steve and his truck reeked.

Well, after that we made our way up Black Pine road into the juniper habitat. We met up with our friend Bob and managed to find a few target birds including – Ash-throated Flycatcher, Gray Flycatcher, and Bewick’s Wren (a new bird in Idaho for me). We really wanted a Scott’s Oriole and spent the greater part of the morning driving around searching suitable habitat, but coming up empty. We also found other neat birds like Pinyon Jay, Scrub Jay, Plumbeous Vireo, Burrowing Owl, and Ferruginous Hawks.

After a while driving around we decided to head back to the first juniper habitat we visited. I got out and opened the gate for Steve. I noticed a bit hole in a ditch near the road and I assumed Steve saw it as well. I was looking the other way when Steve drove through the gate and he drove right into the ditch. His front driver side tire dropped into the hole and didn’t even touch ground. It lifted his rear passenger side tire off the ground. After a few minutes of futile digging and trying to figure things out. Bob and I drove into Snowville and found a tow truck. The tow truck got him out pretty easily. We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find a few more birds.

One of our last stops was a truck stop for dinner. The waitress could smell us as soon as we opened the door. She kept a good attitude and got a pretty good tip.

Here are a few photographs of the adventure.

Off of Black Pine Road, Curlew National Grasslands, ID 2010

Burnt Juniper (most of the area was burned a few years ago), Curlew National Grasslands, ID 2010

Ash-throatedFlycatcher, Curlew National Grasslands, ID 2010

Steve Stuck

Steve getting Unstuck

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Experiment – Still and Video

I have been toying with the idea of presenting still photographs next to videos. The still photographs were exposed for as long as the video lasts. For example the exposure in this still photograph lasted for 30 seconds. Therefore, the video also lasts for 30 seconds. Let me know what you think. I’m also interested in presentation ideas. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Oregon Coast, 30 second exposure… 2009

Untitled from Darren Clark on Vimeo.

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4th of July 2010 part 2

Saturday evening we drove down to my parents house in West Jordan and had a nice dinner with my parents, my sister Carrie and her family, and my brother Curtis and his family. It was a pretty fun and rowdy night. We had pizza on the grill, played lawn golf, and tried to stay up to watch a movie. Susan and I fell asleep. The pizza was good and it was fun seeing everybody again.

Cameron Enjoying a Banana Creamie

Curtis and Shandy’s new baby Lucy

Susan being Beautiful



After sunset we drove over to Carrie’s house and lit off a bunch of fireworks. It was a pretty full day of celebrating our nation’s independence.

Firework with ghostly Curtis and Ethan in the background, West Jordan, UT 2010

Susan, Dad, Mom, Kevin, Carrie, and Sam watching fireworks (30 second exposure). West Jordan, UT 2010

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