June, 2010

Island Park Weekend

We had a mini family reunion in the Island Park area this weekend. My sister Carrie arranged for a rental cabin on Island Park reservoir. It was a great weekend. Here are a few landscape photographs from the weekend.

Moose Creek, Island Park, ID 2010

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, 2010

Buffalo River, Island Park, ID 2010

Buffalo River (downstream of Buffalo Dam) with Fish Ladder, Island Park, ID 2010

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Great Horned Owl Chick

This Great Horned Owl Chick was by far the most aggressive bird I’ve ever encountered. It would hop/fly down the lane towards me. At one point it flew right at me (talons forward) and over my head onto a nearby branch. I was already on my elbows photographing it when this happened. I kind of screamed like a little girl and fell down on my face. It was pretty sweet. Anyway, here are a few photographs and a video made with the Canon 7d.

Great Horned Owl Chick, Market Lake, ID 2010

Great-Horned Owl Chick, Market Lake, ID 2010 from Darren Clark on Vimeo.

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Lower Henry’s Fork

Here area¬† few photographs made over the last few days along the lower Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.

Henry’s Fork with Flooded Tree, St. Anthony, ID 2010

Henry’s Fork at Chester Dam (from west side), Chester, ID 2010

Chester Dam Power Plant Construction, Chester, ID 2010

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Potato Cellar Interior – Ashton, ID

Brian showed me this cellar the other day. It’s pretty cool on the inside. It’s even got an old Mercury Topaz parked inside.

Potato Cellar Interior, Ashton, ID 2010

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Henry’s Fork near Ashton

This evening I decided to take advantage of the finally nice weather (warmish, no wind, no rain) and drove up to Ashton to photograph the Henry’s Fork. Here are a couple of views of the river from the top of the canyon.

Henry’s Fork near Ashton (view #1), ID 2010

Henry’s Fork near Ashton (view #2), ID 2010

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Clark’s Grebe

It’s cool to have a couple of birds that share your name. This is one of them. These Clark’s Grebes were photographed at Market Lake last night.

Clark’s Grebes with heads tucked, Market Lake, ID 2010

Clark’s Grebe, Market Lake, ID 2010

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Gopher Snake

This fat 4′ Gopher Snake was my first of the year. I think it was injured, there was a bit of blood around the mouth. It was pretty aggressive and hissed and struck at me a few times (I was pretty close). I moved it off the road and hopefully it survives the injuries.

Gopher Snake, Sage Junction, ID 2010

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Flickr Page For The Birds

Forster’s Tern, Market Lake, ID 2010

I have started a flickr page where I will put photographs of birds (mostly). I will still post bird photos to this blog, but many of my bird photos will find their way to flickr. If interested it will be here – http://www.flickr.com/photos/50655108@N05/

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