Mud Lake Snow Geese

Every Spring Snow Geese (and a few Ross’s Geese) stage at Mud Lake and surrounding marshes and fields. I made it out there last night to see the spectacle. I found around 3000 Geese out on the lake. After I was there for a bit all of the geese left the lake, flew directly over my head and landed to feed in a field a few hundred yards to the north of me. It was pretty cool. Pretty soon the geese will head north to the arctic to nest.

Cottonwood and Lake, Mud Lake, ID 2010

Snow Geese (the smaller ones in the first and second photo are Ross’s Geese) Flying Overhead, Mud Lake, ID 2010

Snow Geese Feeding in Field, Mud Lake, ID 2010

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  1. I think I saw more than 3000 today. Maybe twice that number? Waves just kept coming in and landing on what little open water was available in the middle of the lake.