Late Winter/Early Spring Birds

Spring has almost arrived in SE Idaho. The snow is melting, the temperatures are bearable, the days are getting longer, and new birds are beginning to show up.

Over the last few days I’ve heard Robins and Flickers singing. I’ve seen a few Snow Geese and Mountain Bluebirds, Trumpeter Swans and Pintails are really on the move. This is by far my favorite time of year.

Here are a few bird photographs from the last few days.

Mountain Bluebird, Fayette, UT 2010

White-crowned Sparrow, Fayette, UT 2010

29 Northern Pintails, Menan, ID 2010

Trumpeter Swans, Menan, ID 2010

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  1. The image of the Trumpeter Swans is very cool. I dig it… a lot!

  2. Thanks Drew. How are things?

  3. I love the blue bird. So pretty.

  4. Nice. Love the pintails. One of my favorite waterfowl.