July, 2009

The Semester is over (Yea!) – Student Work

Spring Semester ended yesterday and now I get to enjoy a seven week break. I taught Photo I, Photo II, and Historical Processes this past semester and the students made some really nice work. I thought I’d share, so here you go…

The first four images are from the photo II class. They represent plastic cameras, traditional silver printing, and using traditional silver paper (darkroom paper) as printing out paper.

The next nine images are from the historical processes class. They represent cyanotype, kallitype, gum prints, palladium prints, and vandyke brown prints over gum prints (the really strange blue/brown prints).

The last three images are from the BFA show some of my photo students were involved in.

It was a great semester. I’m ready for a break though.

Thanks to my students for letting me post their work. From top to bottom the students are: Desirae Rasmussen, Desirae Rasmussen, Kristopher Orr, Alise Christensen, Maddy Lucas, Monica Farrar, Maddy Lucas, Emily Roberts, Kristopher Orr, Melissa Gallup, Mikalyn Breshears, Kristopher Orr, Melissa Gallup, Brittany Volquardsen, Maddy Lucas, Maddy Lucas.

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Southern Utah Travel Class

About a month ago we took a group of photography students to southern Utah camping and photographing. This was our second summer doing this and it went a bit better than last year. If we do it again, it will probably be even better. We had a good time, had decent weather, and we all managed to make a few good photographs I think. Here are some of mine from the trip.

Partition Arch, Arches National Park, 2009

Navajo Arch, Arches National Park, 2009

Dead Horse Point State Park, 2009

Sego Canyon, UT 2009

Double Arch, Arches National Park, 2009

North Window, Arches National Park, 2009

Black Dragon Wash, San Rafael Swell, UT 2009

Head of Sinbad Panel, San Rafael Swell, UT 2009

Cove Gallery, Canyonlands National Park, 2009

Great Gallery, Canyonlands National Park, 2009

Goblin Valley State Park, 2009

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Teton Vu Drive-In

The kids have been begging for us to take them to see the new Ice Age movie for a couple of weeks now. We saw that it was playing at the Teton Vu (yes, that’s how they spell it) Drive-In, so we decided to go see it Saturday night. In preparation, we made all of the kids take a nap on Saturday. The movie wasn’t going to start until dark (9:50) and there were two movies, so it was going to be a late night.

It was fun being at the drive-in and the kids liked Ice Age. The 2nd movie was Night at the Museum II. I found it incredibly boring and noisy and our two youngest fell asleep. We got home at 1:30 am, which the kids thought was pretty awesome.

Below are a couple of photographs from the evening.

Teton Vu Drive-In, Rexburg, ID 2009

Susan and the boys watching Ice Age, Teton Vu Drive-In, Rexburg, ID 2009

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Large Format Field Trips

For the historical processes class I teach we’ve been going on short field trips and using large format cameras. We’ve been taking out 8×10, 7×17, and 4×5 cameras. The students are making nice images and seem to be enjoying the experience. It’s nice to get out of the classroom and lab.

Leah, Maddy, and Melissa Using the 7×17 Camera, Rexburg, ID 2009

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