June, 2009

Green Drakes / Brown Trout

I’ve been pretty busy lately and the weather has been terrible, but things finally worked out and I managed to go fishing for a few hours today. It’s been far too long. I wouldn’t say the fishing was fantastic, but there were a few green drakes (by far my favorite mayfly) hatching and I caught a few fish including this big brown.

Brown Trout Before and During Release, Fremont County, ID 2009

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Teton Vu Drive-In

The Teton Vu Drive-In is open again after a couple of years of being closed. When they were open a few years ago we went a couple of times. It was noisy, you couldn’t really hear the movie, and the movies last until 1 in the morning. It was fun though.

Teton Vu Drive-In, Rexburg, ID 2009

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Common Yellowthroat

Common Yellowthroat, Egin, ID 2009

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Kevin’s Baseball Team

Kevin finished up his baseball season yesterday. They had fun even though they didn’t win one game. I don’t think Kevin’s ever been on any good teams. We had fun watching the games. There’s no break though because Ethan started T-Ball today.

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Brown Trout – Jon finally bought a boat

My good friend Jon bought a drift boat and we were able to catch a few fish from it a couple of weeks ago.

Two pictures of the same trout (photos by Jon Long)

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Fisherman’s Breakfast

Every year they hold a free fisherman’s breakfast in St. Anthony to celebrate the opening day of fishing season. We stood in line for two hours for some decent pancakes.

Jacob enjoying syrup soaked sausage (photo by Jon Long)

Jacob behind the fish and game display booths at the breakfast

Baloons in Willows at the Fisherman’s Breakfast, St. Anthony, ID 2009

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