March, 2009

Spring Snow Shoveling

Shoveling snow is an activity that you get pretty used to in the winter in Rexburg. We also do a little snow shoveling in the spring. When spring hits and it gets pretty warm (it was 60 today), you want to see your yard. So, a pretty common activity (I did a little spring shoveling yesterday) in Rexburg is to shovel the remaining snow from the shady part of your yard into the street or driveway to speed up the melting process. Here are a couple examples I found today.

Spring Snow Shoveling, Rexburg, ID 2009

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Jumping Fish

The other day when I took students to Clyde Keefer Park in St. Anthony, I noticed a few Rainbow Trout trying to clear the diversion dam on the river. I went back on Thursday and tried to photograph the action. I managed to capture a few. I would just put the camera on continuous and shoot forty frames or so, delete the ones that didn’t have any fish, and then do it again. I think in 45 minutes or so I captured a few decent images of jumping fish. I only saw two fish make it, the rest came crashing back down. I’m including a grid of the best of the jumping fish, an image that shows a pair of jumping fish from a little further back, and a panoramic image of the dam. Enjoy.

Clyde Keefer Diversion Dam, St. Anthony, ID 2009

Jumping Rainbow Trout, St. Anthony, ID 2009

Jumping Rainbow Trout Grid, St. Anthony, ID 2009

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Market Lake Pano

I took Kevin and Ethan out to Market Lake this evening for a little early spring birding. It was a great evening. It was warm, there was no wind, and the boys didn’t fight. There were Short-eared Owls displaying over the marsh, Tree Swallows had arrived, and waterfowl filled the air. I can’t believe spring is finally here. I’m a happy boy.

Here’s an image I took after sunset.

Market Lake Wildlife Management Area, Roberts, ID 2009

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Clyde Keefer Memorial Park Pano

For my historical processes class I’m taking students out in small groups with big cameras (4×5, 8×10, and 7×17). This afternoon we went to Clyde Keefer Memorial Park in St. Anthony. It’s a great little park on the Henry’s Fork. I was disappointed to see that some of the big old willows were cut down, but it’s still a great place. I made a panorama that I like quite a bit and here it is.

Clyde Keefer Memorial Park, St. Anthony, ID 2009

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Henry’s Fork Rainbow Trout

I haven’t fished much this winter, but I did catch some nice ones after work this evening. Here are four pictures of three different fish.

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Grain Silo Panoramas

Here are a couple of horizontal panoramic images of tall vertical structures. These are two of my favorite buildings in the area. Both are within 25 miles of Rexburg. I’ll give 50 cents to the person who first correctly names both locations.

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