December, 2008

Burton Nativity – Christmas Eve

While out photographing this afternoon I revisited a nativity scene in Burton that I enjoy. It’s a manger scene with mannequins for Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus, but with real animals in a real manger. While photographing it I noticed signs advertising live re-enactments of the Christmas story that take place every evening through Christmas eve at 6:00.

Nativity Scene, Burton, ID 2008

It sounded like fun, so Susan and I bundled up the boys and went. It was pretty fun, although it was a bit cold, hard to hear, and see everything that was going on. It was nice and short though, and they even served donuts and hot chocolate after it was finished. We hope to do it again next year.

Waiting for the production to begin

Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus during the production

Jacob with a lamb, after the production

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Leaning Tree, Moody, ID

This and the next post were composed on December 24, but the server was acting goofy, so they’re going up today. Anyway, enjoy.

We’ve received a lot of snow over the last few days. The roads were finally all cleared and the weather was decent today, so I took a drive today to photograph and take in the sights. There’s a tree I like out near Moody, but had never driven out to it in winter. So… here it is in winter.

Leaning Tree in Winter, Moody, ID 2008

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I was driving around west of Rexburg today looking for birds when I stumbled upon an intriguing scene. Hanging out in the front yard of a home near Menan was a group of about three dogs and six pigs. They would all chase cars and they even came when called. It was pretty sweet, below is a picture of a couple of the pigs.

Pet Pigs, Menan, ID 2008

On a totally unrelated note, Susan and I have been married for 14 years today. I can’t believe it’s been that long. It’s been nothing but bliss.

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Color Photography Fall 2008

The semester is over and I just submitted final grades. I taught two sections of color photography, which is always a fun class to teach. I’ve posted some of the highlights below.

Thanks Kyle Weber, Laurel Hulme, Tori Dickkson, Rachel Stapp, Moon Foog, Monica Johnson, Laura Watts, Kate Arnett, Joslyn McNair, Jacob Boden, Emily Crane, Cory Weatherhead, Ashley Shaum, and Alan Cox for letting me post your images.

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7×17 Scans

I’ve been trying to familiarize myself with the process of exposing and developing 7×17 film before next semester begins. I’m hoping to get a few negatives to use for the historical processes course we teach. There’s a pretty steep learning curve, but I think I’ve figured some things out. I had mixed success with tray processing, but things seem more consistent in a rotary processor. Here are a few of the better negatives from the last couple of months.

Cottonwood Trunks along the South Fork of the Snake River, ID 2008

Warm Water Slough, near Burton, ID 2008

Wolf Flat area of the South Fork of the Snake River, ID 2008

Cottonwood Boat Launch on the South Fork of the Snake River, ID 2008

Fly-fisherman, South Fork of the Snake River, ID 2008

Gravel Bar Island, South Fork of the Snake River, ID 2008

Cottonwoods at Warm Slough Wildlife Management Area, Hibbard, ID 2008

South Fork of the Snake River, near Kelly Island Campground, ID 2008

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