November, 2008

Photo Journal – Day 14 (it’s over)

Today is the last day of our photo journal assignment for color photography class. It’s been fun and at times a bit of a challenge. I hope the students enjoyed it.

On Thursday Kevin had a pack meeting. They made some bird feeders out of peanut butter, millet, and sunflower seeds. Today we tied them up in the apple trees. Hopefully the birds use them.

Kevin Hanging one of his Bird Feeders, 2008

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Photo Journal – Day 13

Jon was in town, so he, my boys, and I drove up the South Fork again and took a few photographs, while Susan and Kristi went to see Twilight in Idaho Falls. Since I’ve posted photographs of all of my other children I thought it was Ethan’s turn. Here he is enjoying some time by the water.

Ethan, along the Snake River, 2008

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Photo Journal – Day 12

This afternoon I drove up the South Fork of the Snake River looking for scenes to photograph with the 7×17 camera. Just after getting on the road I noticed something a bit peculiar. There was a Wild Turkey sitting on a truck gobbling to his reflection in the windshield. I took a couple of photos and then began working my way closer. The bird never flushed and allowed me to get quite close.

Turkey on Truck, Madison County, ID 2008

I told my students for these posts they are supposed to only use one image, but I’m the teacher so I’m going to bend the rules. Here are a couple of bonus images from this afternoon’s drive.

Shadows in the Cottonwoods, Wolf Flat area, ID 2008

Cottonwood Boat Ramp, South Fork of the Snake, ID 2008

Cottonwood Trees, along South Fork of the Snake, Id 2008

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Photo Journal – Day 11

Brian and I have a standing lunch date on Thursdays. This was his week to buy and we decided to go to The Backyard, a local hamburger and hot dog place. Since we’d been working on a time-based assignment in color photography, I thought I’d include a sequence of Brian enjoying his dinner (Marie’s really going to kill me now, huh Brian?). Enjoy!

Brian Enjoying a Hot Dog at The Backyard, Rexburg, ID 2008

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Photo Journal – Day 10

Susan working on a Crossword Puzzle and Watching Television

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Photo Journal – Day 9

Well, I feel much better about shooting the 7×17 now than I did last week. I developed some film today and it looks good I think. The only problem is that I developed two sheets at a time and managed to scratch three of four negatives. I’ll probably go back to developing one sheet at a time.

I went out again with the camera this afternoon and exposed a couple of sheets of film. Here is one of the scenes:

Fall River Diversion Dam with 7×17 Camera, near Chester, ID 2008

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Photo Journal – Day 8

I got the 7×17 camera out again this evening. I made a photograph that should look a lot like the one posted (a cropped digital image). It’s been fun to shoot that big camera, I can’t say I enjoy developing the film that much though (20 minues in the dark for each sheet of film).

South Fork of the Snake, near Kelly’s Island, ID 2008

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Photo Journal – Day 7

I went on a Sunday drive west of Rexburg this afternoon. The weather continues to be beautiful. While looking at a canal for birds and other critters I noticed a mouse or vole impaled on a Russian Olive branch. Shrikes will do this after they kill prey. This allows them to eat while resting on a different branch and will also allow them to feed on it at a later time. Anyway, it may be a bit morbid, but I was fascinated and excited to make the discovery. Enjoy!

Small Mammal Impaled by Northern Shrike on Russian Olive Thorn, Rexburg, ID 2008

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Photo Journal – Day 6

Susan has been working on potty training Jacob for a few days now, with mixed results. He seems to be following after Ethan, who took forever.

Jacob on the Potty, Rexburg, ID 2008

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Photo Journal – Day 5

Carrying a digital SLR is a bit tricky while fly-fishing, but I managed.

South Fork Brown

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