August, 2008

A bit more about that camera I found

So, I looked into that waterproof digital camera I found and I’m even more impressed. The camera is an Olympus Stylus 850 SW. Here’s a terrible picture of the camera taken with my computer:

I looked at the metadata for the last photograph taken with the camera (which looks like it was taken just upriver from where I found the camera). The last photograph taken with the camera was on July 29. I found the camera, half submerged in the river, on August 28 (almost a month later). I contacted Teton River Lodge about the camera, but they haven’t returned my call. I’m going to be a bit more pro-active, although it’s a long shot. Here’s the last photograph taken with the camera before I found it. If you know these guys I’d love to get them their camera.

I thought I’d try the camera today and see how it would work as a fishing point-and-shoot. It seemed to do fine. Although I didn’t submerge it. Here’s a fish I caught on the Fall River (I was pretty surprised because I didn’t think there were cutthroats on the Fall River).

Cutthroat, Fall River,ID 2008

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Sunset in the Bathroom

While brushing my teeth last night, I noticed the last of the day’s light entering the bathroom. Here it is:

Bathroom Sunset, Rexburg, ID 2008

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Teton River Rattlesnake and a Waterproof Digital Camera

I fished the Teton River yesterday. This particular location is known for rattlesnakes. In my youth that would have been motivation enough to get me to visit this place, but my priorities have changed. I find myself a bit on edge when I’m walking the trails, especially through tall grass and sage. I really enjoy rattlesnakes when I’m aware of them, but nothing gets the heart pounding like being surprised by one. Anyway, I did manage to see and admire one on the way in, which probably kept me on edge. Luckily I wasn’t surprised by any Rattlesnakes, although I did see a couple of Gopher Snakes and a Racer along the trail, oh yeah and I caught some nice fish.

While fishing, I found a digital camera half-submerged and covered in green slime. I picked it up and noticed it was a waterproof camera (an Olympus I believe). I turned it on and was blown away that it still worked. I’ve contacted a local guide service that floats this section of the river to see if it belongs to them or their clients. If not, I guess I’ll keep it.

Here’s a picture of the rattlesnake:

Great Basin Rattlesnake, Teton River Canyon, ID 2008

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Teton River (dry)

The Teton River flows right through Rexburg. Unfortunately, it’s drawn down dry every year. If they would just let a bit of water through, it would probably be a decent “urban” fishery. Oh well. Ethan and I checked it out the other day. It was pretty neat to walk around and see what is usually under water. Ethan was most interested in the dead crawfish.

Deep Channel, Teton River, Rexburg, ID 2008

Ethan (looking for critters), Teton River in Rexburg, ID 2008

Shoes, Teton River, Rexburg, ID 2008

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Cellar and Charcoal Kilns

Brian Atkinson told me about a potato cellar in the birch creek area. He and I drove out there today to check it out. The wind was howling the whole day, but we managed to have fun. Our first stop was the cellar, which was pretty cool. I took a few photographs, but may have to go back in better light. We then stopped at Birch Creek to catch a few fish. We then drove out to the Charcoal Kilns, which were used during the mining boom of the late 1800s. They were cool, but all of the “improvements”, including reinforcements, signs, painting, and gates on the entrances make them difficult to photograph. We then went to Gilmore, a ghost town that didn’t survive after the mines closed. Above Gilmore was a beautiful mountain lake, Brian photographed and I caught a couple of fish. We came home early, because the wind was unbearable. Anyway, it was a nice day in a part of the state I hadn’t visited.

Potato Cellar, Lone Pine, ID 2008

Charcoal Kiln, near Gilmore, ID 2008

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Ward Party

Monday night our ward had a party/family home evening. I’m always anxious about these ward activities. I’ve never really enjoyed small talk and I always wonder how long will we have to stay etc.., but this party was a lot of fun. I think getting behind the camera freed me from social obligations. Anyway, they had a big slip and slide set up as well as a climbing wall. The food was also good. Here are some slip and slide pictures.



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On Saturday we went to Lagoon. We knew the lines would be longer on Saturday, but we also wanted my sister’s family to come and since they work during the week (like most of the world I guess) Saturday was the logical choice. The lines were really long, but we all kept good attitudes and had a blast. Kevin was probably the bravest of all of us and enjoyed all of the rides I hated like Wicked and Mighty Mouse.

Like my sister said in her blog “It was a fun day at Lagoon but next time I go it will be on a weekday without children. Who wants to come with us? “

Anyway, here are a couple of photographs:

Ethan, Carson, & Susan on Music Express

Kevin, Susan, Ethan, Jacob, & Tracie waiting for The Tiltawhirl

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Hogle Zoo

This last weekend we drove down to Utah to visit family and have one fun mini summer vacation before school starts (tomorrow by the way). On Friday we went to Hogle Zoo with Curtis and Shandy and Rose and her children. It was a lot of fun watching the kids reaction to the animals. Of course my favorite were the snakes. Here are some photographs:

Ethan being all boy and Heather being all girl

Red-tailed Hawk at the Bird Show

Kevin, Ethan, and Jacob each showing their personalities on the carousel

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Rottweiler Family Reunion

My parents came up for the Rottweiler (my father’s mother’s family) family reunion held in Spencer, ID on Saturday. We decided to join them. It was a lot of fun. My parents posted about it here .

Here are a couple of photographs from the event.

A T-shirt that was on display at the reunion (My grandparents family tree)


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Soccer is Finished for the Summer

Kevin and Ethan played their last soccer games of the year on Thursday. It’s been quite a challenge getting them both to their games. I finally decided to take a couple of pictures and I went to Ethan’s game. This was his first summer playing soccer and he really enjoyed it.

Ethan Playing Soccer, Summer 2008

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