June, 2008


Kevin caught his first fish on a fly rod this afternoon. We had a great time at Birch Creek, a nice little creek an hour or so from Rexburg. He whined a little bit, got his line tangled more than once, and got a few slivers and scratches on his legs, but he persevered and was so proud when he landed a pretty little rainbow trout. Of course the camera was in the car. When we got home he said “Dad, I’m so glad we went fishing together, I had a great time”. It was a small, but tender gesture, which I made it all worthwhile.

Anyway, Jon met up with us after a bit and I had him snap this picture of us near the car.

Birch Creek, ID 2008

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Moody Potato Cellar (a few months apart)

I posted about this image a few posts ago. Here is the finished version. The first image was taken in November of 2007, the newer image was taken in May of this year.

Potato Cellar, Moody, ID 2007 & 2008

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Trip to Southern Utah with Students (long overdue post)

June 4-8 Brian and I led a student photography trip to the Moab/Hanksville area of Southern Utah. The two of us and ten students had a great time despite some minor mishaps.

On the way drive we hit tropical depression Roy, (near Roy, Utah coincidentally). The wind and strong rain wasn’t too bad, although most of our camping gear was in the back of Brian’s truck. We were dealing with it o.k. until one of our windshield wiper blades blew off. So, we stopped, got a replacement blade as well as a tarp for Brian’s truck and were on our way. We got into Moab at about 3:00, set up camp and drove into Arches. About the time we got to Arches it started raining, which was o.k., however, it continued to get stronger, winds picked up and we sort of waited around for a while to see if the rain would quit, it didn’t. By the time we left Arches, Hurricane Moab unleashed her fury. We got back to camp to find all of the tents flattened, one of the tents ripped to shreds, many of the sleeping bags soaking wet, and the rest of the gear wet and scattered. Fortunately, the students and Brian had great attitudes (I was sort of sour, but tried to remain positive). Everybody chipped in, fixed up camp, and the rest of the trip was great.

If you had asked me the first night if I would ever take 10 students camping again I would have said “never”, but after it was all said and done, we had a blast and are planning on doing it again next year. Here are some photographs:

Chris’s tent (the one I was supposed to sleep in)

Camp chair, sleeping bags, and stuff

Rock Art Figure, Sego Canyon, UT 2008

North and South Windows, Arhces National Park 2008

Students photographing near Moab

Ceremonial? Markings in Rock, near Moab, UT 2008

Toad near Hog Springs, UT 2008

Little Wild Horse Canyon, UT 2008

Goblin Valley State Park, UT 2008

Petroglyphs, Hanksville Area, UT 2008

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Sunday Drive (Stone Flies)

After church we all got in the van and took a nice little drive up to Ashton to feed the fish and see if we could find a few Stone Flies. The fish enjoyed the bread and Ethan loved the Stone Flies. It was a lot of fun.

Ethan with a Stone Fly, Ashton, ID 2008

Ethan, Jacob, & Kevin, Ashton, ID 2008

Ethan, Kevin, Susan, & Jacob, Ashton, ID 2008

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Another Cellar Rephotograph

A Cellar that was in pretty poor shape last fall (in fact I photographed it and blogged about it here) collapsed/was burned down this spring. Of course I had to rephotograph it. In order to more accurately line up the after shots I brought some small prints to use as a comparison.

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Free Fisherman’s Breakfast

Last Friday (May 23rd) was the 53rd annual Free Fisherman’s Breakfast in St. Anthony. The event is held the Friday before the opening day of fishing season. We sent Kevin off to School and drove up for the event. Here are some pictures:

Ethan & Jacob at the Fisherman’s Breakfast 2008

Sausages at the Fisherman’s Breakfast, 2008

Pancakes at the Fisherman’s Breakfast, 2008

The Spread at the Fisherman’s Breakfast, 2008

Kristy trying to Coax/Force Jacob down the Slide

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