May, 2008

Night Photography Field Trip

My photo II class has a night/available light assignment due in a couple of weeks. We held an optional field trip Tuesday night. We met at the photo lab at 7:30 and planned to drive up to Clyde Keefer Park in St. Anthony. The plan was to photograph in late evening light and then photograph a bit by moonlight before heading home kind of late. There were nasty wind storms and rain squalls all evening and it was looking pretty iffy, but we went out anyway. I think the weather scared most of the students away, but six students and I braved the elements. Once we started photographing, the wind calmed down and it was a beautiful night. Because of the heavy cloud cover we didn’t wait around to photograph by moonlight. Anyway, we had a good time and hopefully the students learned a bit.

Diversion Dam at Clyde Keefer Memorial Park, St. Anthony, ID 2008

Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, St. Anthony, ID 2008

Flooded Tree at Night, St. Anthony, ID 2008

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It’s still alive

We were horrified when an early and wet snowstorm last October broke our apricot tree in half (blog post here). We trimmed it up the best we could and so far it seems to be doing fine.

Apricot Tree Blossoms

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Driveway Horses

I love weird driveway/lawn stuff like this, not that I’d ever put something like these in my own driveway, but I’m fond of people bold enough to do so.

Driveway Horses, Salem, ID 2008

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Burnt Out Cellar

A couple of weeks ago there was a photograph in the local newspaper of a storage shed that used to be a potato cellar burning down. I made a mental note and planned to visit and photograph it soon. Today Brian asked me if I had seen a cool cellar near Hibbard Elementary School. He said it was just a burnt facade. I immediately remembered the picture in the paper and set out to photograph the cellar this evening.

Burnt Cellar, Hibbard, ID 2008

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