October Snow

On Saturday morning Jon and I met my friend Julian for some early morning fishing on the south fork. It was lightly snowing when we left. We had a good time and caught a few fish. At times it was snowing pretty hard, but we didn’t think much of it. Every once in a while we would hear a large crash and see a large cottonwood tree fall from the weight of the snow.

We finished up at about 1:00 and got home for the afternoon conference session. We probably received 3-4″ of wet snow. I was surprised to see quite a few broken branches and fallen trees in Rexburg. I mentioned to Jon that I was glad we got around to removing our dead aspen trees, because they could have fallen and caused some damage. I looked around at our front yard and everything seemed fine. The only damage I saw was that the trellis supporting our clematis had fallen and broke with the weight of the snow. It was my fault because I keep putting off attaching the trellis to the house. Oh well, I guess I’ll get a new trellis.

Broken Trellis with Clematis, 2007

Early this afternoon Ethan asked Susan why we chopped down his favorite tree in our backyard. I went out and was surprised to see that our beautiful apricot tree had split down the trunk and fallen. Luckily it didn’t fall on the house, the neighbors house, or take down any electric wires with it. It did land on the chain link fence, but I think it will be fine. I called our Elders Quorum president who will help me remove it this week. Ughh

Apricot Tree View #1, Rexburg, ID 2007

Apricot Tree View #2, Rexburg, ID 2007

Apricot Tree View #3, Rexburg, ID 2007

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  1. Poor tree. That happened to our peach tree this year because it had too many peaches on it. Now it looks funny.

  2. That’s too bad about the tree. It was a nice tree. Too bad it didn’t break off that branch that goes out in front of the gate.

  3. No more popcorn popping on the apricot tree.

  4. Ahh Man!! another climbing tree gets the ax!

  5. …makes for good photos, however! That must have been some heavy snow!

  6. Ugh, not my apricot tree… Is it possible to save the rest, or is damaged beyond repair?

  7. Good climbing tree. Awesome pics, havent looked for awhil.

  8. I think you can fix it.

  9. We cut the fallen half up today and hauled it to the curb. I called the city and they said they’ll come by in the next couple of weeks with a chipper. I think they’re pretty busy with all of the fallen trees around town. I think the half that is still standing is going to survive. It will just be a little goofy looking.