Driving Around Osgood

One of my favorite drives is through the farm fields in Osgood (NW of Idaho Falls). The landscape is so wide open. There are few trees, it’s mostly sage, grain and potato fields, assorted ag buildings and the occasional stacks of hay. This evening I went out there in search of landscapes and maybe a couple of cellars. I didn’t do too well on the cellars, but had a nice time anyway.

When I stopped at the Osgood Store for a beverage I was disappointed to find it closed, but I wasn’t disappointed by this sign. I love the typography and misspelling.

Osgood Store, Osgood, ID 2007

Shortly after turning on one of the many dirt roads that penetrate the farms I found this scene. I thought it was pretty funny and speaks to the ever-present winds in SE Idaho.

Tumbleweed on Power Line, Osgood, ID 2007


After driving around for a bit longer I did manage to find a couple of cellar photographs. I particularly like the cellar foundation, but I think I’ll come back to rephotograph at a different time of day in order to avoid my shadow.

Potato Cellar (horizontal view), Osgood, ID 2007

Potato Cellar Foundation, Osgood, ID 2007

I couldn’t resist this somewhat cliche’ view of the road and sky

Road and Sky, Osgood, ID 2007

The last subject I spent quite a bit of time and film photographing is this pile of hay covered with plastic (I’m a sucker for weird subjects like this). This particular image was made 20 minutes after sunset. I believe the exposure was a minute or so.

Hay Bales Covered with Plastic, Osgood, ID 2007

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  1. That “closed” sign rocks!!
    I also love the tumbleweek on the telephone pole. Remember driving to Washington and we kept hitting those tumbleweeds in my van? Oh yeah, that was some good times!

  2. I really like the road with the clouds. Someone does need some spelling lessons, though! That should be embarrassing to those people who own the store. (However, I’m no spelling pro!)