Big Fish

Jon and I fished the Henry’s Fork near St. Anthony this evening. We fished for an hour or so without a strike. After sunset we were back near the car. I turned to Jon and said “I don’t think we’re going to catch any fish.” Jon said “I’m definitely not catching any fish”. I didn’t realize he had already put away his rod. Right after he said that I hear a loud splash. I lifted the rod tip, just in case the sound was a fish taking my fly. After a five minute struggle I landed this beauty, a 20″ Brown Trout.

Brown Trout, St. Anthony, ID 2007 (photo by Jon Long)

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  1. The look on your face is priceless! Now, go wash your hands!!!

  2. Nice fish!

    You and Jon need to call me…we’re having a show in January in Logan.

  3. We Are? Sweet! I actually tried to call your cell phone earlier tonight.

  4. Oh Crap! That’s a huge one we saw a guy foul hook carp in the eye tonight… Pretty Cool.!

  5. You look so happy!

  6. You’re smile is about as big as the fish. Nice catch.

  7. I love the happy look on your face, too.

  8. Nice fish! I don’t know when I’ve seen you smile that big!

  9. Hey–let us know the dates of the January show in Logan! Like the other comments…great smile!