September, 2007

Big Fish

Jon and I fished the Henry’s Fork near St. Anthony this evening. We fished for an hour or so without a strike. After sunset we were back near the car. I turned to Jon and said “I don’t think we’re going to catch any fish.” Jon said “I’m definitely not catching any fish”. I didn’t realize he had already put away his rod. Right after he said that I hear a loud splash. I lifted the rod tip, just in case the sound was a fish taking my fly. After a five minute struggle I landed this beauty, a 20″ Brown Trout.

Brown Trout, St. Anthony, ID 2007 (photo by Jon Long)

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Driving Around Osgood

One of my favorite drives is through the farm fields in Osgood (NW of Idaho Falls). The landscape is so wide open. There are few trees, it’s mostly sage, grain and potato fields, assorted ag buildings and the occasional stacks of hay. This evening I went out there in search of landscapes and maybe a couple of cellars. I didn’t do too well on the cellars, but had a nice time anyway.

When I stopped at the Osgood Store for a beverage I was disappointed to find it closed, but I wasn’t disappointed by this sign. I love the typography and misspelling.

Osgood Store, Osgood, ID 2007

Shortly after turning on one of the many dirt roads that penetrate the farms I found this scene. I thought it was pretty funny and speaks to the ever-present winds in SE Idaho.

Tumbleweed on Power Line, Osgood, ID 2007


After driving around for a bit longer I did manage to find a couple of cellar photographs. I particularly like the cellar foundation, but I think I’ll come back to rephotograph at a different time of day in order to avoid my shadow.

Potato Cellar (horizontal view), Osgood, ID 2007

Potato Cellar Foundation, Osgood, ID 2007

I couldn’t resist this somewhat cliche’ view of the road and sky

Road and Sky, Osgood, ID 2007

The last subject I spent quite a bit of time and film photographing is this pile of hay covered with plastic (I’m a sucker for weird subjects like this). This particular image was made 20 minutes after sunset. I believe the exposure was a minute or so.

Hay Bales Covered with Plastic, Osgood, ID 2007

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Hey…. More Cellars

We’ve had some nice weather (cloudy, rainy, and generally unsettled) over the last few days. So, I managed to get out and photograph potato cellars. My plan is to get out over the next couple of weeks and photograph some of the potato harvest. Kevin and all of the public school kids get out of school for ten days or so for the
harvest. We’ll see how that goes.

The first image is a triptych that I started a few years ago, the remnants of the cellar fell down a few weeks ago, so I imagine this image is now complete. The other images are just a few of the cellars I’ve photographed over the past couple of weeks.

Potato Cellar, Newdale, ID 2004, 2006 & 2007

Potato Cellar, Egin, ID 2007

Potato Cellar, Rexburg, ID 2007

Potato Cellar in Potato Field, Newdale, ID 2007

Potato Cellar Interior, Teton, ID 2007

Potato Cellar, Teton, ID 2007

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My Momma and My Momma’s Momma

A long time ago my mother asked me to scan and try to repair one of the only photographs she has of herself as a baby. Anyway, I finally started working on it tonight. My mom is the little person. The bigger person is her mother, my grandmother Bell. I’ll get it done sometime soon mom.

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Snake River at Lunch Counter Rapids

I’ve been scanning older negatives lately. I never paid this one much attention, but I do like it. It’s taken of or near (I can’t quite remember) Lunch Counter Rapids on the Snake River near Hoback Junction, Wyoming. Anyway, I figured I’d better put something on the blog.

Snake River, near Hoback Junction, WY 2003

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Fishing with Kevin and Ethan

I’ve found a place near home where I really like to fish. The fish take streamers fairly readily and there are some really big Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout. I’ve found that if I take the boys with me Susan is much more willing to let me go. So, after dinner I took Kevin and Ethan out and tried to catch some fish.

On the first cast a fish took the fly hard, jumped a couple of times (it was a big fish) and got off. On the second cast another fish took the fly. I set the hook and it took off fast. I gave Kevin the rod to let him land it, but it soon became evident that it was a bigger fish than I thought. I no sooner gave Kevin the rod than the fish stripped all of the fly line and was soon into the backing. Kevin says “boy this fish is a real fighter”. I was afraid of losing the big fish, not to mention my fly line and backing, so I took over. After five minutes or so I managed to get it under control. I gave the rod back to Kevin and had him reel it in the rest of the way while I went to the car to get the camera. I took a couple of photographs of the fish, of the boys holding the fish, and then I gave Kevin the camera to have him take a couple of photographs. We then got the fish back in the water, spent a minute or two reviving him and set him free.

I’ve caught a few bigger fish, but this one was among the biggest and probably the best fighting fish I’ve landed. We fished for another hour or so and managed to catch one smaller fish at dark that I let Ethan land. It was a fun and the boys were good company.

Here are some photographs:

Kevin Landing the Fish

Rainbow/Cutthroat Hybrid 2007

Kevin and Ethan Holding the Fish

Me Holding a Grasshopper (Ethan took the photograph, I think he was more excited about the grasshoppers than he was the fish)

Ethan With the Fish he Landed

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