I’m back (now that I’ve lost my audience)

We finally got a computer and internet service at home again. I’ve also slowed down (a little bit anyway) on fishing. So, how is everybody? Anyway, here are a few images of what else?….. fish. I caught these fish over the last few days on the Teton River.

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  1. Welcome Back!!

  2. Those are some big fish! Good job updating!

  3. This might sound really desperate of me, but you never lost me as your audience. I STILL check your blog DAILY because I just KNEW you would come back to the fold! WELCOME BACK!!
    Don’t your hands stink when you hold fish like that?
    WHACK!!! I just slapped your hand into your face when you smelled your fingers!!! ha ha ha ha ha

  4. I too still checked your blog everytime I got on.

  5. Yeah fish!!!


  6. Keith said, “That’s a dandy. Where’d he catch it?” I then read the comment to him. He’s impressed. Also, Keith said, “Does slow down mean from 10 times a week to 8 times a week?” I liked the picture with the fly in his mouth.

  7. Delene, tell Keith that the fly in the mouth of the fish is one of his green nymphs. I was fishing down and across on a tight line, which I learned from him. When you all come up again I’ll take him to this spot. They really like that fly of his.

    Oh and Carrie, I would never have fallen for that trick, but nice try.