Hamer Potato Cellars

I went on a little drive this evening in search of more potato cellars. I found quite a few on Larsen Farms in Hamer. I made a few photographs, but plan to head back because I ran out of daylight. Enjoy… or at least tolerate these images.

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  1. Holy crap! Nice updates!

    I love the potato cellars. Your student’s work is nice too.

    Keep ‘em coming when you get the chance.

    Oh I also really like the tight shot of the trout with the fly in it’s mouth (from way down below…).

  2. Went past some dilapidated cellars yesterday just outside of Ririe when we were headed fishing. They might need your attention.

  3. So, did you catch any fish?

  4. Some littles, 4 Rainbows each. Took about 2 hours. Was a nice spot real close to my home.

  5. Hmmm…how do you get from potato cellars to fishing…