April, 2007

More Potato Cellars

I got out the last couple of nights to photograph potato cellars. I began photographing the facade of the cellars about three years ago. Recently I’ve been trying to be a little more inclusive in the images. I’m starting to include other views and things associated with the cellars. Potato Cellars are a little mundane, but for some reason I feel compelled to photograph them.

Potato Cellar near Parker, ID 2007

Potato Cellar, Burton, ID 2007 (view #1)

Potato Cellar, Burton, ID 2007 (view #2)

Two Cellars (old and new), Moody, ID 2007

Clothesline and Cellar, Moody, ID 2007

Two Cellars (old and old), Moody, ID 2007

Potato Cellar Drainage Pipes, Moody, ID 2007

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End of Semester / Student Work

Winter semester is over. The end of the semester is always nice, but a few students have graduated and will really be missed. There was some nice work done in my classes this semester and I thought I’d post a few examples.

This first group is from Basic Photography. We’ve changed the class a little bit this year. We’re introducing color and digital into the class and it seemed to go well.

These photographs are from Photo II, which is an advanced black-and-white course.

N- Print (photo geek term for reducing the contrast in a high contrast scene)

Multiple Exposure / Plastic Camera


Multiple Exposure Panoramic / Plastic Camera

Lumen Print (Photogram on black-and-white paper that wasn’t developed, but was fixed)

This last group of images is from a 19th century photographic processes class I get to teach every other year.

Platinum / Palladium Print

Tea-toned Cyanotype

Gold-toned Printing Out Paper Print

Gum Print over Cyanotype

Gold-toned Kallitype

Palladium-toned Kallitype

Platinum / Palladium Print

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