February, 2007

I thought summer had arrived

So, the temperatures had been in the 40s, the snow had mostly melted, our crocuses were blooming, and I had been in a pretty good mood. That all changed on Sunday. We’ve received 6-8 inches of snow since Sunday, the wind has been howling, and the temperatures haven’t reached freezing. Anyway, I thought I’d drive out yesterday and experience the snow, wind, and ice. I wasn’t dissapointed.

I made my regular winter drive, which is a loop through the farm fields south and east of town. I intened to make the entire loop, but ran into impassable snow drifts. Since I didn’t want to spend the night stuck in the snow I turned around. It was both frightening and beautiful watching the snow blow across the icy road. I think summer might come this weekend.

Icy Road, Walker, ID 2007

Blowing Snow, Walker, ID 2007

Where the Snow Drifts Begin, Walker, ID 2007

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