Jackson Field Trip (late post)

Last Friday (November 17) Brian and I took our BFA (senior project) class to Jackson to have lunch with the students and a few alumni, see some galleries, and make a couple of internship contacts. Unfortunately one of the internship providers was out of town, but the other was there.

Our first stop was the Brew Pub for lunch. It was a pretty nice, casual place (I’m told Rachael Ray ate there on her visit for her Food tv program). We had fun visiting with Tyler, Jon, and Jen. Tyler is a recent graduate who happened to be in Jackson doing a job. Jon works for a photographer in Jackson, and Jen is a student doing an internship with the same photographer that Jon works for. Lunch was good.

Our next stop was the Jackson Center for the Arts. Here we saw a fun show called Apron Chronicles. Essentially, a woman started collecting aprons and stories associated with them. Later she collaborated with a photographer who documented the people with their aprons. Like I said it was fun, if a bit silly. The gallery provided aprons to wear if the mood struck. Brian and some of the students got into it as you’ll see in the photographs. We were fortunate enough to run into both the writer and photographer at the art center and were able to speak with them for a bit.

We then went to the Oswald Gallery where we were able to view contemporary and historic works. This is a great treasure to have so close and the gallery personnel are always accomodating. We then gave the students a bit of time to wander the various shops and galleries before heading home. I browsed a couple of fly shops.

Lunch at the Brew Pub, Jackson Hole, WY, 2006

Brian and EllynAnne Geisel (Apron Chronicles Writer), Jackson Center for the Arts, 2006

Shalese, Royce, Jessica, Emily, and Brian, Jackson Center for the Arts, 2006

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  1. Art majors are such weirdos!!

  2. That’s a nice look, Brian.