Fishing with Keith and Curtis

We had a lot of family in this past weekend to see Kevin’s Baptism. You can read Susan’s Blog for the details.

On Friday I took my brother Curtis and my father-in-law Keith fly-fishing. Curtis had never been fly-fishing and Keith has done quite a bit of fly-fishing, but mostly with nymphs and streamers. We had a good time. Curtis and Keith each caught 5 or 6 fish and it was great to be out on a beautiful cold and cloudy day. Here are a few photographs:

Henry’s Fork, ID 2006

Keith Fly-fishing on the Henry’s Fork, 2006

Curtis Looking Cold, Henry’s Fork, 2006

Curtis Holding a Brown Trout, Henry’s Fork, ID 2006

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  1. Yeah, that was a dang good time. Come down for Thanksgiving and we will fish the Provo River.

  2. Thanks for letting us hang out at your house, Darren. We had a good time.

  3. Looks like you had fun. I know Keith did. Too cold for fishing, though!

  4. You are do for a new posting, my friend!