Sand Creek Wildlife Management Area

I told my dad that I’d update my blog when my brother Mike updated his. He did, so here it is.

Theo, a former student of mine, and I took a drive up to Sand Creek Wildlife Management Area today. Sand Creek WMA is a series of ponds and reservoirs on the south edge of the Island Park Caldera. It’s a long drive through sage brush and sand dunes. It’s really a beautiful little area. Anyway, we had a good time photographing and being out in the great weather. Here are some images:

Pond #4, Sand Creek WMA, 2006

Bird Nest, Sand Creek WMA, 2006

Pond #1, Sand Creek WMA, 2006

Theo, Sand Creek WMA, 2006

Tree, Road, and Puddle, Sand Creek WMA, 2006

Tree and Cattle, Sand Creek WMA, 2006

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  1. yea! new pictures.

  2. Ooh, I love pond #4. Good job on the update!

  3. Pond #4 is my favorite picture as well.
    Good update!

  4. The pond #4 is my favorite, too. I also liked the contrast in the sky on the tree and road and puddle picture. I’m glad you updated!

  5. Nice Images. Did you see any of the bananna trout that were just planted in the ponds?

  6. What are banana trou? There were fish rising, but I couldn’t really see any of them.

  7. The fish and game have planted banana trout in the ponds to determine if some of the ponds are more conducive to wintering trout. Bannana trout are some kind of “albino” trout that are bright yellow. They hope the distinct color will help them make a good count of surviviong fish and a determination whether or not to keep planting fish in select ponds.

  8. hmmmmm, bananas. i wonder….

  9. Yea, bananas…I saw a photo of the trout in a pond that went along with the newspaper article. they looked like a school of floating bananas?!?

  10. are they green when they’re little then turn yellow as they “ripen”?

  11. Pond #4….Love it.