July, 2006

Zucchini Blossom

Our Garden, despite my attempts to kill it with weed and feed (I had good intentions), is doing pretty well. We now have more zucchini than we can keep up with.

Zucchini Blossom, Rexburg, ID 2006

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Deception Pass, Rosario Beach, Oram’s Backyard

The Cousins, Deception Pass, WA

Ethan, after falling at the tide pools, Rosario Beach, WA

Kevin and his Father, Oram’s Yard, Redmond, WA

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Ballard Locks

My Dad loves the Locks at Ballard. We sort of give him a hard time about it, but it was actually a lot of fun.

Carl, Pat, Carrie, Curtis, & Shandy

Susan, Ethan, & Kevin


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The Mariners Game

Carl, Mike, and Kim at the Mariners Game (It was nearly 100 degrees and the Mariners got killed, but we had fun)

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The Funeral

Graveside Service

My Mother Gathering Flowers after the Service

Kevin with his Uncle Mike after the Funeral

My Mother and her Siblings

My Grandparent’s Home, Quincy, WA

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Quick Trip to Seattle

Last weekend we were scheduled to go up to Yellowstone for a family reunion with my parents, my siblings, and all of our children. A couple days prior to the reunion we got a phone call from my parents telling us that my Grandmother Bell (my mother’s mother) had passed away. So, we changed plans and made a trip to Quincy, WA for the funeral. We then spent a few days in Seattle doing fun things like a Mariner’s Game, the Ballard Locks, Archie McPhee’s, Deception Pass, BBQ at my Uncle Richard and Aunt Sharon’s (two times), swimming in the hotel pool (every day), and driving (lots and lots of driving). For more detailed day to day descriptions of the trip see Susan’s, Carrie’s, and/or Curtis and Shandy’s blogs. I’ll put a few pics up in the next couple of posts.

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Warm River Springs

Jon and I photographed Warm River Springs this evening.

American Dipper, Warm River Springs, ID 2006

Warm River Springs, ID (from below) 2006

Warm River Springs, ID (from above) 2006

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Field Trip

Friday I took my large format/studio lighting photography class on a field trip. First we went to Newdale, a small farming community, to photograph tall vertical buildings (grain silos). Their assignment is designed to help them use the view camera to reduce or eliminate vertical and horizontal convergence like this sample photograph:

Grain Elevator, Newdale, ID 2006

The students spent about 90 minutes photographing while I wandered around helping the student groups. It was fairly productive I think.

Newdale Skyline, Newdale, ID 2006

Meggan and Lindsey

Danielle and Cassie

After photographing we then took a drive over the pass and into Jackson Hole, Wyoming to view photographs in various galleries. There was an Arnold Newman show at the Jackson Center for the Arts, a Roman Loranc show at the Oswald Gallery, and various other work in other galleries. It was a great time, the students enjoyed the art work, and one or two students may have arranged for internships.

Meggan and Lindsey viewing Arnold Newman at the Jackson Center for the Arts

Lunch at the Merry Piglet

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Some more night stuff

With the full moon approaching I’ve been out photographing the last three nights. I think tomorrow night is the full moon, so I’ll probably be getting out for the next couple of nights. I’m sort of ready for winter when the moon is full starting at 5 pm instead of 9:00. Photographing until 2:30 am is getting a little tiresome.

Home Construction, Rexburg, ID 2006

Willow Tree, Rexburg, ID 2006

Kmart #1, Rexburg, ID 2006

Kmart #2, Rexburg, ID 2006

Teton View Drive-In #1, Rexburg, ID 2006

Teton View Drive-in #2, Rexburg, ID 2006

Silo, Sugar City, ID 2006

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4th of July and a couple of lessons.

I learned a couple of things this weekend:
1. Don’t pour gas on a smoldering fire directly from the gas can. I actually knew this already, but I thought I could be quicker than science. Anyway, we now have a big dead patch of grass in our backyard.
2. Don’t get old and fat. I haven’t ever liked excercise that much, but wanted to start. Thursday morning I decided to go on a walk. I was feeling pretty good, so I mixed up my two mile walk with a bit of running (I don’t think I’ve been running for 10 years or so). I felt pretty good all day Thursday and even into Friday morning. By Friday evening though I could barely walk. The heel on my right foot was incredibly painful. Saturday morning I went into a medical clinic. They did an x-ray. Luckily I didn’t break anything, but had suffered some minor tears in my achiles tendon. It’s finally starting to heal.

Other than that we had a fun weekend. Curtis and Shandy came up from Provo. We built a fire pit, barbequed some chicken and vegetables, saw Superman at the Drive-in, and played some games.

Yesterday we went to the Rexburg 4th of July parade. It’s sort of lame, I can only watch so many old cars, tractors, and flat-bed semi trucks with dancing 8 year-olds. Kevin and Ethan had a blast and it was fun watching them chasing down thrown candy. That evening we went to Jon and Kristi’s house for dinner. We played lawn darts and had good food. We topped it all off by lighting six bucks worth of safe and sane fireworks (courtesy of Jon and Kristi) at our place.

Fun with Sparklers, 4th of July, 2006

Firework (flower I think), 4th of July, 2006

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